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Income tax return filing in case of Futures & Options F&O. If any loss remains unadjusted it can be carried forward to 8 succeeding years, and in those following years it can only be set off from non-speculative income. Income tax return filing in case of Futures & Options. What is the treatment of profit/loss from F&O Trading in the income Tax. 46 responses to “Income tax.

How to File Tax Returns For Future & Options Trade - In this example, on line 8 you would multiply 5,000 x 40% = ,000. I am sure this will be very helpful for new stock market traders. Home Business India How to File Tax Returns For Future & Options Trade. If there is a loss in F&O and you are claiming the same in Income Tax Return then you should.

Tax Topics - Topic 427 Stock Options Continue the form where you add the profits and losses to get a final number. This means that even if you have open positions, they will be calculated as profits and losses as if they were closed positions. With commodities, 60% of the gains are treated as long-term capital gains and 40% are treated as short-term capital gains. Topic 427 - Stock Options. reported for income tax purposes. when you should report income for an option with a readily.

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